Are you searching for the best Pain killer ever? High quality long life lasting hot water bottle for releasing physical discomfort and cozy up your life!

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Hot Water Bottle becomes your best friend when it comes to menstrual or back pain. Just place hot water bag on painful place and You will experience wave of warmth penetrating your body followed by sudden relief.
Beside that hot water bottle is great to comfort yourself while long winter evenings and nights.
These quality water bags are designed and produced with love in the European community.
You can buy them alone or with the cover. Cover helps them to preserve warmth longer and allows you to apply a bag directly on the skin.

How to use it?

Do not use boiling water to fill the bottle- max temperature is 60- 65C.
Fill the bottle up to 2/3 of its volume, while holding the bottle in vertical position.
Press the bottle to remove unnecessary air form the inside. Screw the cap on and make sure that there is no outflow.
Store it dry without the cap on in a cool and dark place.

Enjoy the warmth!

Get cozy!

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