Emotions behind Menstrual Problems

emotions behind menstrual problems Sayoni Care

Change your thinking patterns to heal!

What is bio-decoding? It is a fundamental method created by the Doctor Enrique Corbera Sastre, graduated in Psychology where he proofs he believes that any symptomatology has an emotional conflict. He has compiled during many years of data studying the emotional causative factors linked to each disease, founding the biologic sense from each system of organs. LISA BOURBEAU also uses this approach looking at each disease as a gift for our personal growth. We have selected some of the ones which are related to the emotions behind menstrual problems. If you are dealing with any of them, you can try to see if below information could help you out.

biodecoding sayoni care

PMS (inflammation, breast pain, pelvic pain, etc.)

Possible emotional conflicts: Every menstrual problem indicates that she has difficulty to accept her femininity, especially after adolescence. When a woman acts according to her mother, who was her first female model. This does not mean that it is not feminine, but that the role of a woman is unenviable because she must follow too many “rules”. It can also mean that unconsciously, she would have preferred to be a man, to the point of being resentful since they do things that she thinks she cannot do because she is a woman. She usually strives to behave like a man, developing a stronger connection to her male side but she feels guilty about it without even realizing.

New mental model: with any menstrual problem your body tells you what you decided during your childhood with respect to women in general, but that perception does not really mean that is a reality. This way of seeing women hurts you and hinders your happiness. Your reactions (consciously or unconsciously) work against you producing emotions that harm your inner peace. You can do whatever you want, especially now that more and more women are doing activities which before were reserved only for men. You no longer have to follow the “rules” from certain conditioning. Give yourself the right to need once in while male support, without becoming dependent or feeling that you failed. You can do everything!! But you do not have to! If you stop wanting to do all the functions of a man, you will have more opportunities to make room for the desired man. It is also possible that your problems come from popular beliefs transmitted by your family. Maybe they made you believe, when you were a girl, that menstruation was shameful, sinful, a disease, etc. … Let’s go more into detail….

biodecoding sayoni care

1-Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation):

Often is linked to Acne due to the production of androgens. To support below program we should address the thyroid and pituitary gland, the nerve system, the time, the spleen, suprarenal’s, and the ovaries.

Emotional conflict: the woman refuses her female side, connecting to herself (especially to her genitals) is associated with guilt, dirt, and fear. When she perceives her menstruation as something negative. When she wishes a male son and manages her male hormones wrongly. When her parents wished a son instead of a girl. Dr. Louise L. Hay also adds that in this case the woman is probably upset with herself, and there is a tendency to dislike her own body or any female body.

New mental model: I love my cycles, I love my body, I love myself, I forgive and I deserve to connect with myself and others unfolding my layers, I am open to feeling, there is nothing wrong with that, it is very natural, I can only grow. I leave my prejudices behind. Everything is ok.

biodecoding sayoni care

2- Menorrhagia (Abundant menstruation)

It is often linked to an excess of emotional stress combined with the belief that there is power for choosing other ways and the possible options are controlled by others. According to LISA BOURBEAU, this blockage (which causes to lose blood in excess) is the physical manifestation of the losing the joy in the life. In case is manifested after the placement of an intrauterine device, the woman with this problem receives the message that she feels pain due to the fact that is blocking her natural flow. It can also mean that she wants to have a child, but she lets herself be carried away by her fears or by some external influence.

New mental model: Try to spend some time finding out what are the difficulties that could happen if you would have a child, after that, ask to yourself if your worries relate to the reality. If you really can not have a baby now, grant the right to postpone that project for later, without feeling guilty. In case you do not want to have children but you feel the social pressure to do so, remember that your life is yours. You decide and what others will think is their problem.

biodecoding sayoni care

3- Amenorrhea (Irregular menstruation)

Possible issue happening in both ovaries, problems with hypophysis and hypothalamus.

Possible Emotional conflict: Woman wishes not be to be a woman, she does not want to menstruate or even have the possibility of having children (seeing both or any of these two points as a bargain, extra charge). She does not like herself. She finds difficulties in giving and receiving affection and real satisfaction during Sexual relationships.

New mental model: I enjoy being myself, I deserve to feel the joy of being a woman. I am a beautiful expression of life, and I can express peacefully and perfectly at any moment.

Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have clear medicinal protocols to treat any of the above diseases from the root cause, which are often accompanied by certain negative patterns and emotions. Any treatment would be supported by solving the emotional issues, which for sure will speed up the healing process and in some cases even resolves it. Even though both medicines address and support the mind and the psychology during the treatment process, I started to observe how it can also be combined with biodecoding and they can go along very well for better results.


A good moment to make a reflection in case you often suffer from it. In case you know someone that could benefit from this information, please feel free to share.

Knowledge is power, let’s keep the empowering cycle running.

All the best my sister!

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