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masturbation Ayurveda Sayoni Care

What is the Ayurvedic point of view in masturbation?

According to Ayurveda, all natural urges, even Hasta maithuna (masturbation), should not be suppressed. In excess or associated with our unhealthy aspects of our life or our personality can decline our salubrious state, leading to invisible suffering, which decreases Ojas (our vital essence) and as result our mental, emotional, physical reserves will be reduced.

Modern Scientific approach determines masturbation as a beneficial act. Our cultural heritage and the weight of the religions have given mostly negative connotations excluding the positive ones, especially in women, misleading it to a dirty or selfish performance. Ayurveda makes a separation between what is beneficial and what damages our health since studies all the micro interrelations of life. Ayurveda states that the three strong pillars which support an authentic fulfilled life are right food, right sleep and right sex, which is unique per individual constitution.

masturbation Ayurveda Sayoni Care

What is the positive and beneficial masturbating act?

According to Ayurveda, masturbation is not a banal and insignificant affair, but is one of the deepest self-connection act where we can reach our being while the sankalpa (intention formed by the heart and mind) of our libido waves and brings together the compilation of the following resources for self-release:

– Ojas, the essential energy for the body and mind gained from eating pure and nourishing foods
– The fire of Pitta
– The fulfilment of Kapha
– The movement of Vata
– The expansion of Rajas qualities towards desires
– The activation of tamas through creativity
– The 7 Dhātus, which support all metabolic functions

Cultivating the balance of above points is the key for the optimal health and a big challenge since requires our full consciousness. Over stimulation or stimulation in defect can bring imbalance. The mind is like a filter and as such, can be dirty, when the strain becomes obstructed or cloudy we should clean it. Our physical pain develops from the pain in our mind. The most of the diseases start in our mind when our mental state is not stable and we create a crime against ourselves, choosing what is not good for us. The main cause is due to the lack of connection with our soul, who really knows what benefits or creates harm.

Our daily choices through our thinking patterns either support or derange our overall health. Beneficial masturbation is the one that is free from the pathogenic factors which requires a good mental filter to act consciously towards the highest union with our soul, in which we can really experience authentic pleasure profoundly. Only on that way we can replace toxic masturbation by healthy one, based on self-observation and self-acceptance as ¨spiritual¨ practice for our healing.

What is the reason behind your masturbation?

masturbation Ayurveda Sayoni Care

Are you frustrated sexually? Do you have cheap fantasies? You need it to release emotions after a hard day at work? Do you perform it just to kill the time? Does it help you to fall asleep? Are you addicted to porn? Does it assist you in releasing emotional pain? Excessive rajas and tamas in the mind create unhealthy mental habits (shame, depression, frustration, hopelessness, addiction, boredom, loss of interest), bringing the 3 doshas out of their normal functioning acting as pathogenic influences. The deep urge for masturbation is linked to anxiety searching for comfort and relaxation. In such state we are not acting with consciousness.

Good points to question are; where this anxiety comes from? Are we willing to face it? Do we prefer empty temporally pleasure to cover the emotional issues that create our suffering? Do you need porn to turn yourself on? What excitement are you lacking in your life? Ayurveda addresses that masturbating with the goal of escaping your emotional open issues leads to mithyāyoga (wrong utilization) and atiyoga (excessive utilization) especially when is ritualized and there is a hidden addiction. Our doshas, dhatus and mental gunas get confused and distort while Ojas (essential energy) gets depleted.

If we think that our libido has an infinite supply, we are wrong, wait to age. As the number of our breaths is limited, our libido and sexual resources also are. Ayurveda Medicine helps to protect ojas and reverse the wrong use of our senses balancing the dhatus and energy levels.

masturbation Ayurveda Sayoni Care

Where to start? Things to keep in mind:

If you would like to perform healthy masturbation or fix the relationship that you have with your current way of doing, you should keep in mind the following: Ayurveda and Yoga share some of the Darmic ethics, masturbation has also Yamas (social conduct code) and Niyamas (personal behaviour code):

  • Face your pain, heal your shame and do it through acceptance and contentment.
  • Avoid ritualized masturbation, be present and conscious.
  • Explore your libido as your passion for life (beyond sex), what truly turns you on?.
  • Learn to overcome frivolous things, go deeper and beyond.
  • Conserve your energy and let your body restore itself while you rest
  • Practice (satya) truthfulness towards yourself and others
  • Practice non attachment, to avoid also addictions.
  • Surrender to the divine and study ways of self-connection
  • Have some discipline (tapas), they will help you to stay focus clearing the mind.
  • Reduce tamas and rajas (read Food for our psychology)
  • Don’t masturbate if:
    – Your mental filter is obstructed or dirty.
    – To fall asleep quicker when you cannot sleep.
    – You are emotionally or physically exhausted.


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