Vaginal Steam supports Vata. Avoid Chronic Pathologies!

Vaginal steam supports vata sayoni care

For those who do not know, we all have the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) within us, and Vata is the ¨ruler¨ from the other two. When Vata is out of balance can cause the majority of the current diseases; affecting the emotional, mental and of course physical health. In this post, we will understand how Vaginal steam supports Vata Dosha.

Vata is made out of the element Air and Space with the following gunas (qualities): dry, rough, clear, mobile, subtle, light, and cold. Since Ayurveda operates on the principle of “like increases like”, so (opposites reduce) we can find a lot of balancing through this ancient practice of Vaginal Steam (Yoni Svedana). Vata season is Fall, get ready for this Autumn, so your Vata dosha will not get out of balance.


Vaginal Steam supports Vata:

With the steam and the natural essential oils and properties from the ingredients, dryness will turn into; moisture, juiciness, and nourishment. The roughness will reduce and disappear since it opens the channels and softens the tissues and membranes. The seat of Apana Vayu is the Muladhara Chakra, located at the perineum and pelvic floor. Since we are sitting down and we dedicate some time to ourselves, adding some humid warmth we become more grounded. We will assist in pacifying our ¨Vata¨, while we support the releasing of possible physical obstruction. The steam also helps to erase energetic blockages working in root Chakra as well.

Depending on your situation, choose the steaming practice; before ovulation, during the ovulatory phase, just before menstruation or after your period is finished.

What is Apana Vayu?

From the Ayurvedic point of view, our reproductive system is located in Apana Vayu, which is a sub-dosha from Vata Dosha. Apana Vayu is most active in the pelvis and lower abdomen. It governs the elimination functions from physical waste (excretion, urination, menstruation) also anything undesirable or threatening to good health and the downward and outward flow of energy in the body. Apana supports the immune system and helps keep the mind free of negative forces.


Common reasons for developing many chronic pathologies:

  • Besides hereditary risk factors, when Apana is out of balance it could result as:
  1. The downward direction of the menstrual flow could be retrograde. We could also find deposits from the womb lining or endometrium outside of the womb; either in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, bladder, lower intestines and/or rectum.
  2. The accumulation of incomplete flushed menstrual fluids from previous cycles in between the parts of the membrane that rise, the venous lakes.
  3. Inflammation or infections not treated since there is not precise protocol followed during post-partum period in the western world
  4. Lack of body energy (while the body has to deal with extra waste and pain)
  5. Stress

The use of vaginal steams helps the uterus to cleanse and release only what does not belong there, supporting Vata management and therefore Apana Vayu. These are essential for every individual but especially for women reproductive system health, and primarily on Vata dosha constitutional types.

Even though we could extend much more on this important subject we hope that is clear enough even for people who are not so familiar with Ayurveda.

Get to know yourself, your constitution, connect and raise!

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Big long hug to all the sisters in the globe!

Sayoni care Team



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