What are vaginal steams?

What are vaginal steams - Sayoni Care

What are vaginal steams? Vaginal steam or Yoni Steams are herbal preparations taken as steams. This ancient practice assists in the natural cleansing process of your female reproductive system. It opens the channels to avoid any obstruction, while we nourish and tone our womb. Of all the benefits that we will discover along, it is a great tool to calm the nerves and some of the vital organs from the inside out. Since we have many nerve terminations in the uterus, which is essential during these stressful modern times.

Other Known names for Vaginal Steams are:

¨Yoni Steam¨, ¨Vagi-steam¨, ¨V-Steam¨, ¨Chai-yok¨, ¨Yoni Svedana¨or ¨bajos¨.

We could say that this practice is as ancient as the sun. New illnesses and diseases are appearing and for some, the Modern Medicine does not even have a cure yet. As an example could be endometriosis. Specific protocols after post-partum and during our Moon cycles were and are still followed in certain countries. These practices restore and balance overall health, but we kind of left them behind in this part of the world.

History of vaginal steaming

Many civilizations were making use of this wonderful practice during thousands of years, from; Ancient Greece, Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, India, and Central and South America (especially in Suriname and the Mayans). They were more connected with nature and with the biorhythm of women cycles than we are in these current days.

To have clear data regarding when these practices started is hard. In the past, this ancestral knowledge was passed on orally through the female members of the family. The method was associated with wellness and feminine identity, increasing the fertility,  especially after having given birth. It also was intended to enhance male sexual pleasure by causing vaginal tightening.

What are vaginal steams - Sayoni Care

Vaginal steaming is not a new mode

This ancient practices could also involve smoke, this will depend on what it needs to be addressed. Steaming and smoking were not only done for the female genitals but in some cases through the whole body. The oldest medicines at the moment as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, still do it this way when the conditions and the patience is up to it.

Recently, it has become an alternative health practice for women in the Western world, even though is not new. Many modern doctors do not buy the idea due to wrong practices or wrong given information. But it has a clear history behind which support the fact, that along the history in many different places of the planet, women were taking all the benefits from this protocols.


What are vaginal steams - Sayoni Care

Vaginal steaming as part of your routine

Rosita Arvigo, a physician, herbalist, international lecturer, author and teacher of Maya medicine, has awakened this hidden and sleeping knowledge. She is helping thousands of women through vaginal steaming and with Mayan massage therapy. Arvigo claims that “midwives and healers of Central America agree that most female troubles are caused by the ¨wandering womb”. A condition theorized by ancient Greek thinkers who had no contact with the ancient Mayans.

Ayurveda (the most holistic medicine) also shares in depth this statement collected in Charaka Samhita along with the Suśruta-saṃhitā. Two foundational Hindu texts of this Medicine field that have survived from ancient India. They reinforce the importance of diet, hygiene, prevention, medical and sexual education, necessary for recovery to health. In the section for women health, there are several protocols to follow in order to assists the natural cleansing process for the uterus after delivering a baby and for the prevention and restoration of the balance.

What are vaginal steams - Sayoni Care

Medical Literature

Dates of the composition of the Charaka Samhita are uncertain. Meulenbeld’s History of Indian Medical Literature dates it to be between fourth century BCE to the second century CE, with Caraka’s compilation likely between 100 BCE and 200 CE.  The Dṛḍhbala revision and completion, the source of current texts, is dated to the 6th century.

Sayoni Care gives to this practice more Ayurvedic way of thinking applied to the western world in order to have a holistic approach, using medicinal herbs which grow locally but also some from India and South-America. Considering the (dravyagunas) all the properties per ingredient, long-term as short-term, trying to bring the optimum state of balance per the constitution, as we are all unique individuals.

Check our collection of Yoni steams, benefits and contraindications, and if you would like to know more, keep an eye on our website, we are working in our second E-book, in order to make it safe for everyone, so you can be well informed and get the best out of your practice!

Information is empowerment, and that is one of our passions, to empower women!

Big long hug to all the sisters in the globe!

Sayoni Care Team.

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